Friday, October 21, 2005
on the subject of my bellybutton ;)

hahaha. j/k. that one's for you, spencir. it is now 5:21, and i'm out of bed and at the computer for the first time today. my head has been hurting so much, it was one of those days i just had to stay in bed. :/ but of course, i'm excited to update my blog :) mostly probably the novelty of something new. the pain is not as bad now; probably resting for so long did me some good.
one week from today is my next Dr.s appointment w/my neurologist. i'll have been on this new medicine (verpamil) for 2 weeks once i go there. i wonder how long the trial lasts. so far, i haven't seen ANY effects; which is preferable to the side effects, i suppose, but obviously not what we're looking for. ;)
just talked to the husband, and he's on his way home -- this is good news. he was nice enough to go to the library for me earlier today; i was out of books to read, and he was leaving for school/work. what a nice guy!

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