Tuesday, October 25, 2005
a long overdue hello

I *finally* wrote my piano teacher at BYU an email, explaining my whereabouts this semester.
uhm, LAME! i can't believe i haven't stopped by to see him/talk to him/explain earlier! i am so lame! but in any case, you can just call me 'her royal lameness'. the email:
Hi there Dr. A --
I feel terrible that so much time has gone by this semester without my
contacting you. By way of explanation, I decided that I needed to take
this semester off because my health is still not improved. The
migraines are still an ever-present problem. I am planning and hoping
to come back to school as soon as possible. So far, the doctors have
not been able to find a successful solution to the problem.
Otherwise, I'm doing very well. My husband and I are living in Salt
Lake City; he is just starting a PhD program at the U of U. That
ensures our presence in Utah valley for another 4-5 years.
Hopefully the BYU school of music and (more specifically) your studio
is well. I miss you all very much, and find myself also missing the
huge presence that music was in my life. I look forward to being able
to play again!

he = such a cool guy, i love him - one of the best piano teachers i've ever had, and (unlike some others, who shall remain nameless), seems well adjusted enough to understand that even piano majors have lives! i like that. i miss my lessons with him, but mostly i miss playing the piano, the feeling of creating something beautiful, something real. it leaves my soul feeling hollow and fake.

in other news, there's a new strong bad email on homestarrunner.com. good times. always. i pretty much just live for that site. heehee.

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