Friday, October 28, 2005
disappointing :(

i just got a call from the neurologists' office; my Dr. has had a personal emergency and won't be in at all today. :( it's a little disconcerting, esp. b/c this isn't just one more thing in my to-do list (go to see Dr.), this is an appt. i've been waiting for a month and a half, looking forward to it since the meds aren't working! but there isn't anything to be done about it, they rescheduled me
(for next wednesday), so i really shouldn't even complain. that's only a few days away. but it's frustrating, and somewhat annoying to have plans change at the last minute, especially when it's something as important to me as seeing the Dr., hoping he'll have a new idea for 'fixing me'!

ah well. life goes on, and i will just do something else today; maybe buy a few last minute items for the party tomorrow (drink stuff, etc....) and definitely the house needs some cleaning. :-)

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