Sunday, October 30, 2005
good times

well hello one and all. last night was a good time. as predicted, we missed gretchie and wedgie :( and of course we send lots of get well wishes to wedgie. el tiene pneumonia. :-( in any case, it would seem that we had a fun time last night -- some of the kids found the party a little 'boring', but what're you gonna do? it was great to see dave and julie again, it's been a while; of course great to see EVERYONE who came, but it'd been the longest time since we'd seen them.
sadly, i must have overdone it yesterday, either with cleaning or setting up or whatever, b/c i ended up sleeping forEVER -- then i had an insane migraine, and took something for it, which of course caused more sleeping. wow. i'm pretty sure i've been asleep for more of today than awake. lame.
spencer fixed the chat software, so i can chat online with the chronic pain support group. he's pretty brilliant, always knows how to fix computer stuff. i = a lucky wife!


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