Sunday, November 13, 2005
Emilir the human barometer

another sunday, almost over! wow, how the weekends fly by. dinner is in the oven, so that makes me a happy girl~! so far no bread today, tho. i wanted to make some wheat bread, but that may have to wait till tomorrow. i woke up feeling pretty horrible, due in part (i think) to the changing weather.
when we went to bed last night, it was fall; autumn.....but waking up this morning, the tides have turned and it is clearly WINTER! it is kinda chilly around these parts; only got up to 51 today (supposedly), but at 10 am it was still about 40. yikes. that = cold!!!
i was able to get out of bed and drag myself to church, for the first 1 1/2 hours. :( then i had to come back home. my head hurt so much, i was having that 'i'm going to be crazy if this doesn't get better soon!' feeling. so i took a zomig and prayed for the best. LUCKILY, it worked! my headache never fully went away, but it is substantially better. thank goodness!!! so of course that (the zomig) led to a lengthy nap.
in other mysterious news, my coupon organizer has gone missing! ack!! this may sound mild or unimportant, but in actuality it's like losing a part of myself! the part that can save some money whilst grocery shopping! eep. must find coupon organizer! in case any of you find it (on the information superhighway somewhere), it is blue and has happy bunny stickers on it. no reward. :) tee hee.
in GREAT news, i was able to find a watering can last friday. so it looks like my plants are going to survive. i thank western family garden center for not closing during the summer and for having SMALL watering cans available. hooray!

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