Tuesday, November 08, 2005
really random post

SO -- those of you who know me know that i have no kids; i am married, but i have no kids. so the topic of today's post is probably baffling. HOWEVER, i read this article and it just screamed to me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - and kind of freaked me out. so i thought i'd share. nice, huh? no, but serious, this is an article about disposable vs. cloth diapers. p.s. i hate changing diapers, and have never *really* thought i'd even consider cloth diapers. i'd much rather just throw the whole thing away :) BUT reading this was food for thought. enjoy --


Anonymous Grandma had this to say:

Hi, Em!
Glad to kn ow I can see this. haven't heard from you much, and I usually try not to bother you, in case you're not feeling well.
Sounds as if you're feeling OK for now, and having an interesting time of life. Still, the headaches. You know, I was talking to a dear friend about your problem. It seems she had the same problem when she first married, and it was caused by taking birth control pills! She didn't realize it until after she stopped taking them, and is now reasoning from a 30-year forward interval of time.So maybe your Mom was right after all. Have you considered alternative methods of BC, for now?
My friend (who incidentally is LDS) also has several dietary tips which she says still keep her headache-free, which I'm sending you in snail-mail. I know you've had lots of medical attention and advice, but you might just discover something in there that helps (I hope). Stay well. Love, Grandma

12:35 AM 

Anonymous Grandma had this to say:

i don't have your current address, so will send the list of foods to your parents' house. Please send me your address & telephone # when you have time. thanks. Grandma

12:32 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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