Monday, November 07, 2005
monday, good to me

well, today has been a rather uneventful day; the usual few errands were run in the morning....during which time i became aware that the ONLY watering can in the salt lake city metro region is at the smith's marketplace, and costs $8.99. can you believe it??? ridiculous. doesn't walmart have one cheaper, you might be asking yourself? not during the winter; they don't carry them all season long! crazy. so i'm going to bide my time until smith's marketplace gets some of their small watering cans in; for the low low price of $4.49. not really impressive, actually. but bearable. you see, i have these bulbs....(this is developing into quite a story) they're calla lily bulbs -- which my muum gave me, and they are probably 2 feet tall, but still no flowers. the problem is that the stalks are so close together that i can't water the middle w/o flooding the entire planter, causing me to be irritated and mop up dirty water from the table. Sooooo the obvious solution is a watering can. i guess my need has come at the wrong time of year. i've gotta work on that. if i could need shorts starting in august, i'd save a *TON* of money!!! likewise, if i didn't need any winter clothes till february, i know that stuff is all on sale.
sooooooo anyway, after that i did very little but rest all day until spencer came home. we had dinner and FHE (family home evening for those non-LDSers out there) and i'm sure i'll go to bed early. it's what i do.


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