Tuesday, November 15, 2005
tuesday already

well so far the day has passed uneventfully. i should catch up on yesterday, it was a really fun day. i decided on sunday night that i'd go visit my mom (up in ogden, not too far away) sometime this week. monday turned out to be good for her, so i just went yesterday to see her! i arrived later than i planned, having slept (fitfully) for longer than i planned. that left an hour with the ladies in her ward who quilt, most of whom i know from my short time living there. so it was good to see them all again. the first thing anyone said was 'what happened to all your hair? (referring to my short 'do) - when i told her it was starting to fall out, so i cut it - she asked immediately 'from dying it?' ouch. didn't realize my 'natural looking highlights' weren't so natural looking after all! hahaha. no, i told her, a medicine i was taking caused my hair to fall out. :-) spiffy. ooh, side not for muum - it's called Trazadone. we wrapped up the quilting around noon and muum and i had lunch together; it was really nice. then we hung around for a while and i rested; the vigorous activities of the morning had worn me out. also, ogden had a snow blowing in, so of course my headache was worse than usual. thanks a lot! after a while, little sis came home, and was only a *little* disappointed that i wasn't her other sister -- heehee. but mom and sis and i played a game of clue, which i think redeemed me to a favorable status.
so today i woke up at about 9 and my headache is (for the third day in a row) super bad. bleh. so i decided i would be productive and get stuff done later, but just laid in bed and read all morning. i did of course take a short break for breakfast. a girl has to have her priorities. :-) then i had lunch just a little bit ago, and cleaned up the kitchen some. (kitchen is not yet fully clean) -- then i started making some wheat bread! with my new kitchenaid of course. :) glee!!! so it's rising, and i'm going to go rest some more. productivity will have to wait! my head hurts!

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