Sunday, November 13, 2005
movies i want to see

movies i want to see:

Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire
Pride and Prejudice (new one)
Chicken Little
Flightplan (looks a *little scary, but hopefully not too much so)
In Her Shoes (Cameron Diaz = funny!)
Mobsters and Mormons (gotta support the mormon cinema)
Just Like Heaven
March of the Penguins (i heard this was super good)

Movies I've seen lately:

The brothers grimm (not recommended)
war of the worlds (pretty good)
Must love dogs (cute, somewhat cheesy)
Red Eye (too scary for this girl)

See the thing about movies is, if i take earplugs, i get to sit in the dark and be entertained at a comfortable volume level; kind of distract myself from the headache. so that's always good. we (husband and i) see a fair amount of movies. *Only* once they get to the dollar theater, tho, b/c $9.50 per ticket? be serious. soooooooo the ones on the 'want to see' list will wait until they get to our dollar theater, and then we'll probably see them. :-)


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