Sunday, December 04, 2005
December FOURTH??!?!?!?!? you must be joking...

yikes. so i'm kind of a little bit freaking out./hyperventalating. no, just kidding. but i am somewhat stressed about the SPEEDY arrival of Christmas~! i have only two christmas presents purchased - in total - nothing wrapped, so i'm sure you can see why i'm a little......nervous. usually i've planned well, and the season isn't at all stressful for me; however, due to headaches and all that nonsense, i spend a lot more time in bed than normal. soooo that = much less christmas shopping done~!

well, this must be taken care of. i'm sure after a few power shopping afternoons, i'll feel more in control. i've also been making a christmas washcloth - what? you don't know what a christmas washcloth is?!?! (incredulity) well, basically it's the first thing i've ever crocheted (read: irregular and weird looking), and it's just a big square in the colors of red, white and green! i'm pretty excited about it. my older sister taught me to crochet a few weeks ago, and i'm nearing completion on the washcloth. what's FUNNY is, that in the time it's taken me to make this one, she's made FOUR! unbelievable. ok, not really. she says it takes her about 2 hours for each. and i'm *pretty sure* i've spent at least 6 hours on this one. (please remember it's not yet finished).

spencer and i strung popcorn tonight for the tree - ok, i strung and he read to me. it was pretty fun. i'll have to post a picture on here of making the popcorn. we didn't just microwave the popcorn, oh no. we had this jiffy pop stuff, which you make on the stovetop. we burned it. this is actually my fault, b/c spencer was telling me it was done, and i was insisting that it wasn't, and that he had to hold on until i could find the camera. hm. being wrong. that really stings.

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