Sunday, November 27, 2005
long time no post

yeah, so it's been a while; i feel like i've been sleeping for most of that time..... thanksgiving was great, it was especially wonderful to see everyone again, it's been a while for some; we also exchanged our sibling names for the gift exchange, so I'm on the lookout for gifts for my chosen sibling. at the last minute (that is, right before husband and i left my parents' house), i decided it'd be nice to have my little sis up for the weekend (the 10 year old one). and it was nice, we had great times together. unfortunately, i had just started a higher dosage of my anticonvulsant, so i really did sleep a LOT while she was here, and shifted the responsibility of taking care of her to my hubby. :( what a dope i am.

then i woke up this morning (her last few hours w/us), and had a HORRIBLE headache, worse than usual, and so i just had to say goodbye to her, and took my new med for getting rid of headaches instead of going to urgent care. this, of course, caused another few hours of sleep, instead of church. :( lame.

my headache is better now, but still not as good as it could be. you see, it snowed last night (and some more today), so i feel pretty certain that the change in weather brought this monster headache on. grrrrr. in general (before today, that is), my headaches had been getting better; they haven't been as severe. i'm supposed to call my neurologist again this thursday, so we'll see. i don't know if we'll keep moving the dosage up on the anticonvulsant or what, but hopefully he'll have some good ideas. i am immensely grateful that we've finally found a medicine that makes some kind of a difference, even if it isn't perfect, just any kind of improvement brings me so much hope!


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