Tuesday, November 29, 2005
random ramblings of a tuesday

Spencer and I went to see Flightplan last night; it was better than i expected it to be! very intense, and probably not one i'd want to see if i had kids. not that i don't love kids...but...yeah. you know! my older sister (the one with kids) says it just takes things to a whole new level when you see movies about bad things happening to kids. yikes.

so in addition to the movie last night, husband and i were going to go get ice cream. those of you who know me well know that *I LOVE ICE CREAM* - no joke. soo i was pretty excited about this. unfortunately, what had been a little nausea earlier in the day turned into nausea that can't be ignored during the movie. :/ hate when that happens. so we couldn't get ice cream, i just wanted to get home to bed w/o throwing up. which, incidentally did happen. sadly, this morning (and early afternoon) i am once AGAIN feeling nauseated. grr. that's so lame.

i did learn how to crochet recently; my older sis taught me, so i've been painstakingly working on a christmas themed washcloth. :) heehee. it's pretty cool, yet very slow going. my skilz are not yet very good.

in the spirit of fun internet links, my mom sent me one from my dad. it's fun, you have to put the 50 states in their places - without the state lines, you know? eh, just click on it to check it out. :)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Regarding the link: I'm embarrased to say that I barely got my own state right, let alone all of them.

5:38 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

i hear you!!! it doesn't help that they always (Seem to) start with the middle states...colorado..kansas...etc.

10:47 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

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