Tuesday, November 22, 2005
2 items of note

okay, first of all, i had a weird dream last night. in this dream, i was at some gigantic sleepover; with mostly girls i didn't know. one girl i *did* know was one of my freshman roommates' friends, named Lisa (name has been changed to protect the innocent). so we're all changing clothes to go out, and i STEAL this girl's jeans! seriously. then she finds out about it, and i LIE to her about it!!!! so this is completely insane - i don't STEAL people's clothes -- and if i did, i wouldn't lie about it if i got caught!!!!!! yikes. so you might think that's where we hit bottom, but NO, such is not the case. in fact, the worst part is that (in the dream), i was more concerned about the fact that this girl's jeans fit me (b/c i always thought she was a bit pudgy) than i was about my own moral decline! yikes. scary.

it has come to my attention during the posting of this...post...that i have made a *teensy* mistake. in the previous post (three things about me), under the 2 truths and a lie section.......those weren't my answers. no, seriously. you may think i'm some kind of compulsive liar (especially after my recent admissions, above), but i copied and pasted the thing from someone else's blog.....literally.....i filled in the other answers, but somehow skipped over that one. sooooo those are instead 3 lies. i don't have a crush on someone i know socially, i haven't lied to someone about supporting their decision, and MOST of all, i have never smoked! so i haven't lied about giving it up! oops. some people might have been very confused. i don't blame them!!! (that post has now been EDITED for my viewers :)

ok, the second thing i was planning to post about tonight (before the 2 truths and a lie debacle) was that today, for the first time ever, i went to see a movie by myself! it was a matinee showing, so obviously not high pressure, but nonetheless, i have never done it before, so that was kinda cool. i take my inspiration from my friend jacob, who used to do it all the time. who knows, maybe he still does. i saw In Her Shoes; the cameron diaz movie. it looked like a chick flick enough that husband didn't really want to see it, but was willing to see it with me. humph. well, that seems like it'd be kinda lame for him, doesn't it? yeah. so i saw it on my own! it was good, i liked it. :)

that is all.

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Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.
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