Wednesday, December 07, 2005
it's wednesday night and i feel allright

just waiting for el Spencir to come home; we're going to head out as soon as he gets here to go to YM/YW. always good times to be had there. today my older sister taught me how to use a hat loom. i'm only about an inch and a half in. it's pretty cool. my hat is actually a baby hat; but don't get any crazy ideas out there, fair reader. ;-) no babies in the immediate (known) future!

mainly i decided to make a baby hat b/c it's the smallest, so i'd be able to finish it quickest, and chances of my making mistakes on this first project are *REALLY* good, so then at least the first one'll be over quickly and i can move onto my stellar second hat. you know, the really great one that'll have Vogue calling me up for my expertise? that's right. that one. in any case, my christmas washcloth has finally been finished. it's pretty wonderful, especially if you don't feel that being square (or rectangular) is imperative. washcloth #2 will be better!!!

by the way, reader of mine, i noticed recently that NO ONE had left ANY white elephant ideas for me. that's lame. i was kinda counting on you!! step it up a notch, will ya?

for those of you in need of a rockin' good time, check out this link: it features a baby performance of Beyonce......i have you curious now, don't i? ........

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