Tuesday, December 06, 2005
please note the STAT COUNTER!

yes, it should be just over here:


and hopefully, it works! spencer helped me set it up, so chances are really good that it will!

so the weather was lame today. it snowed. and i was somewhere else and had to drive myself home. :( but the good news is, i arrived home with the car and my sanity intact.

i went to get my hair done; trimmed and put some highlights in. keep in mind that my hair is like 4 inches long.......i knew that their haircut was a reasonable price (note that i'm not naming the business b/c i'm sure no one would EVER GO THERE AGAIN!) anyways, i made the mistake of not asking how much the highlights were, figuring that they also fell into a reasonable range. indeed not. they were $75!?!?!?!? pretty outrageous if you ask me. they were one color, too, nothing fancy. i've had them done with two colors (at a nicer salon, no less) for $15 less. argh. that kind of peeved me. clearly. but my hair does look fantastic (if i do say so myself). not too big on the haircut, but it is in the growing-out stage. i like it short, but not as much as i like it longer. so it's a little weird, but eh. what're you gonna do?

my headache was better today, when the storm rolled in it only started hurting afterwards (as opposed to before the storm got here) -- and it isn't *too* bad. i could still manage to make dinner, such as it was.

speaking of dinner, this was it: shepherd's pie: ground beef w/frozen mixed veggies, covered with instant mashed potatoes, add some cheese in the last 10 minutes of cooking and VOILA! a very very very easy dinner! spencer likes it. and I LIKE HIM!

Anonymous el spencir had this to say:

so cute, honey :)

8:09 AM 

Blogger Joseph Smith, Jr. had this to say:

Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.

2:23 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

2:27 AM 

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