Wednesday, January 18, 2006
the joys of apartment living....

so last night, right about 3:52 am, a car alarm starts going off outside. in case that wasn't enough, it went on (uninterrupted) for thirty more minutes. the noise went something like this: BWEEP BAP BAP BAP BWEEP BAP BAP BAP nauseum. even with earplugs in, i could still clearly hear this car alarm. after about ten minutes, i decided that the owner must be blissfully asleep in the apartment complex, too far away to hear his car alarm. unfortunately for those of us right next to the parking lot, he probably wouldn't notice till 6 or 7 the next morning, whenever he usually leaves for the day. wow. the full weight of that idea had hit me, and i was trying valiantly to get some sleep when FINALLY someone shut it off. i hope that it was the owner. but if it were someone else.......i hope they didn't steal it.

isn't it interesting that car alarms are so different from house alarms? no one goes running up to a car when the alarm goes off, because they go off accidentally ALL THE TIME! people pay no attention to car alarms at all! i'm pretty sure we need something new.

in any case, i'm sick again with what i had earlier this month. at least it seems like the same thing to me. sick.

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