Friday, January 13, 2006
random things..........

hello fair reader;

it has been another long yet unproductive day. head is hurting, and i've been resting nearly all day. hooray for the weekend tomorrow! husband and i are going to spend some time in the afternoon w/my fam -- and since aeon flux just got to the $1 theater, we'll probably go see that tomorrow night. it has the potential to be a great sci-fi movie, but also has the potential to crash big time. ah the dollar theater. seriously, could we be anymore cool? i don't think so.

so i got my nails done yesterday, they are looking hot.

ah, one more important thing; one of the mommy blogs i read got nominated for best mommy blog award......go check it out, and then if you want.......go vote for her! she cracks me up - that's the reason for the shameless plug.

Blogger The Daring One had this to say:

Hey thanks. I just found your link to me on Technorati. Much appreciated.

Ah, the married life at BYU....

We miss it sometimes. I hope you're enjoying it.

10:40 PM 

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