Sunday, January 15, 2006

it's sunday -- and i'm home. :-( i couldn't go to church today b/c of this raging headache. i am truly a human barometer. i woke up w/this awful headache, and once it didn't get any better (after breakfast and meds) i decided it must be a storm coming. spencir opened up the window and told me it's here. it's snowing and junk here. sadly, the sudden shift of weather is the call for my migraines to go above and beyond the call of duty (as in, super bad) -- so that's what's up w/me. couldn't go to church today -- i took my migraine acute meds, so hopefully soon i'll just be asleep. then when i wake up in a few hours, i'll be feeling better. headache will be better, but i will feel like i've been hit by a mac truck. i guess you've gotta make choices, right?

so last night we saw aeon flux. can't say it was that great. in theory, i think it could've been a rad movie, but in execution it was poor. too much action/violence, poor diologue, and (in my humble opinion) not enough character development. i did like the story and the idea, tho.


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