Thursday, January 05, 2006
way to go, Doctor!

so he finally called me back - this time inside ONE WEEK~! i'm really pleased. that sounds ridiculous, but we'll take improvement wherever we can.

so i got a little bit of cleaning done, finished picking up the front room and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom......but i wore myself out and of course made my headache's tough b/c i know i need to 'take it easy', but there's work to be done, and i feel up to doing how am i supposed to just sit on my behind? you know? anyways, it's a problem most people would be glad to have, but after a year of it, i'm ready for something new! :)

so the dr. - he said that the blood results came back and that i have a good amount of the antiseizure med in my blood (hooray) - and since i'm having no seizures, we'll keep it where it is! however, the headaches are still here ...some days, which is better than every day.....but not good enough to be a productive member of society - to say, go to school, or work, or anything like that. so we continue in our hunting. now we try the meds i have tried before (which didn't work) in combination with the antiseizure med, hoping that they will work! luckily, we're starting w/one that has a generic. medicine = expensive, and our insurance (us being college students) doesn't cover it. at all. just makes no allowance for it. sooooo we like the meds that have a generic version A LOT! we'll try this one for a while, it's a beta-blocker called propranonol. with this one, i'll have to be getting my blood pressure checked routinely, to make sure it doesn't go too low. i tend towards low blood pressure anyways, so we don't want things to just up and stop, you know? :) that's the him in two weeks. :)

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But the real question is...
how's the pigeon?

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