Friday, January 06, 2006

well it's been another red-letter day! (no communist undertones intended) -- husband stayed home again and worked from home. that's always fun. i was feeling a lot worse than yesterday, so i was resting in bed nearly all day. we did go out to dinner for our friday night date night -- went to leatherby's, which (in case you're not familiar with it) is an ice cream parlor/diner kind of place. we both had the philly cheesesteak sandwiches and split a dish of ice cream afterwards. so leaving, i was comfortably full. NOW, an hour later, i am uncomfortably full. a half hour ago, i was so full i thought i was going to be sick. sorry to gross you out.

we also went to get a video game to play together. now, i am not a video gamer. i just don't play video games. i especially dislike shooting games, i am pitifully bad at driving games, and have no interest at all in sports games. that doesn't leave much. but we bought the myst first 3 set - it includes myst, riven, and myst III. i'm kind of excited. should be fun. :)

that's about it on the homefront. hope you all are doing great, readers!


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