Monday, January 09, 2006
enquiring minds want to know...

well, my readers have asked; where is the pigeon? how is he? sadly, he is no more. :( he must have been an old pigeon, because just this past weekend, he died. very sad. i have some pictures in the camera, i'll post them later.

the weekend was totally uneventful, so far the new medicine trial has been completely ineffectual. que sopresa. i got to see my sisters today, so that was fun! we met over at one of my sisters' house, and hung out for a while. while i was sitting on the stairs, my nephew climbed up on me, banging my head into the banister. yeow that hurt. then he proceeded to climb up onto my shoulders, wrapping his little arms around my head and saying 'i hold on tight' -- apparently my sitting there was like a sign; its time for you to get a ride on my shoulders....anyways, so he climbs up there, and i'm just baffled entirely by everything, my head is hurting, and suddenly he starts saying 'stand up' repeatedly, and at increasing volumes.....finally i say, 'please don't yell in my ear' because seriously, that is a LOT of volume! so then he whispers 'stand up' in my ear. i just lost it (his mom too) we laughed and laughed....and anyways, i stood up and gave him a little ride. i love those kids so much - it's always so wonderful to spend time with them.

and *that* my friends, was pretty much my day. after that i came home and rested in bed. i watched the aviator (which was an okay movie, and not at all what i expected.) speaking of movies, though, my husband and i saw Dreamer last week, and i really loved it. i thought it was awesome. so i'll just publicly announce that and recommend it to all of you!

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