Friday, August 25, 2006

well, at long last we've found an apartment. praise be!!

it's the basement of a house near(ish) to the university. the couple living upstairs is about our age, and own the place. they seem really nice. we're planning to sign the papers this weekend. i'm excited, except for the packing. i'm kind of dreading that, but i'm sure it'll be ok. this is actually a 2 bedroom apartment, we'll probably use one of them for a dining room and just have a big living room.

no other exciting news to report; i'm off to a bachelorette party.....then the wedding and reception tomorrow. busy busy. i hope i can make it through all of this with my headache. another storm came through today, so it's going at full bore, and i have a feeling this is going to be a late night. but most likely not for me. fingers crossed! i always feel bad leaving social occasions early, like everyone else will think i'm using the headache as an excuse. it's hard to explain, especially without dampening the atmosphere, that my head's been hurting and i just can't take it anymore. so i just feel like a schmoe most of the time.

Happy birthday to one of my most favorite bloggers; Shannon at Rocks in my dryer!

Anonymous daring one had this to say:

Congrats on the new pad and good luck moving. I am still moving and it'sbeen a couple of months... I'm sure you'll be much faster getting things unpacked.

9:19 PM 

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