Monday, May 12, 2008
Pain -- expands the Time -- by Emily Dickinson

Pain -- expands the Time --
Ages coil within
The minute Circumference
Of a single Brain --

Pain contracts -- the Time --
Occupied with Shot
Gamuts with Eternities
Are as they were not --

I didn't sleep last night. not just didn't sleep much....i didn't sleep at all. d'oh. we went to bed at midnight, and then by 2 i hadn't gotten to sleep. i felt like it was too late then to take a sleeping pill, i didn't want to 'throw off my sleeping schedule'. ha! if i could tell me then when what me now is facing! i'm hoping to take a 4 hour nap and still get to sleep sleeping schedule is down the tubes. ah well. you do what you can. i'm sure all of you who have been new mothers are just chuckling right now thinking, ah it's just been one night...get over yourself...

i feel like i'm moving in slow motion -- and i'm nauseous and good heavens it does not do good things for my migraine, that's for sure. they say the relationship between sleep and migraines is not well understood, but let me tell you; i understand it well enough. if i don't get 8 hours - things are getting ugly. ;-) that's just the (unfortunate) way of things.

my dear husband made me some pancakes for breakfast to settle my stomach, and went off to work. so i'm going to try and get a little bit of sleep! we'll see how it goes. :)

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Blogger Sue had this to say:

I hope you were able to catch a good nap today and that tonight is a better night. Those sleepless pain-filled nights are so awful.

8:01 PM 

Blogger Shama-Lama Mama had this to say:

Sleepless, pain filled and nauseous in the middle of the night? No, that's not new motherhood... that's 8 months pregnant with twins!

Seriously, though, I hope you get back on track soon...

10:02 PM 

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

argh, sounds like you've had rough time. Hope it gets better!

3:38 AM 

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