Tuesday, May 06, 2008
another day, making travel plans

He who does not hope to win has already lost. --Jose Joaquin Olmedo

i'm setting up my next appointment with the diamond headache clinic -- i will go out to see them on june 30th. so of course that also entails setting up flights as well! this time, i'm going to try and fly in and out the same day -- not staying overnight. we'll see how it goes.

one of my goals for this year (my year runs from may to may) ;-) is to try and have a more positive attitude, regardless of pain. i think that it's important to maintain hope and like the quote says, if you don't believe you can win (conquer the migraines), you are probably right. i need to stay positive and remember that i'm working with good doctors.

i do believe that i have the best shot possible with the doctors in chicago -- they work with people like me all the time there. people who haven't responded in the past to preventative medications. but somehow, they make progress and help them to get some relief.

now every year, my sisters and mom and i get together for a girl's weekend. my littlest sister will join us next year, once she's 13. so it's kind of a grownups only kind of thing. and this year my sister G wasn't able to make it. :-( we missed her. but we had a great time, and i thought i'd share a few pictures and show you how it all went.

we had to have our picture taken with the BYU mascot, of course

and then we needed a picture with mom as well.

and here was our most favorite shuttle driver, who saved us from a very cold night's walk:

and here's mom showcasing her delicious fudgy wares;

we were also coerced into a tree tour (more on that here)-- muum loves trees and all things shrub related. sarah and i love to mock all things tree and shrub related, so it worked out pretty well. here i am demonstrating the buttressing of this particular species:

and then on saturday we went to my house to tie a quilt. for charity. it was good times, since we've had limited experience tying quilts and even more limited experience setting up quilts to tie. but in the end, it worked out. doesn't it always? the one big picture is the only picture i took all weekend. all others are courtesy of muum.

you will see the usual cast of characters -- me, muum and the edge. we missed having gretchen with us but! our new friend, my brother's fiancee, sarah the second also joined us for this insane weekend! welcome sarah the second!

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Blogger Muum had this to say:

I'm glad you posted pics of our great time together. Rwwr!

9:13 PM 

Blogger Paige had this to say:

So, was that Women's conference? I went on Thursday and loved it!

Good luck on your next travels and doctors and all that. It must be exhausting, but you are worth it, right?

10:57 AM 

Blogger OGB had this to say:

Be careful with that "buttressing". It looks like you are dangerously close to the pond I threatened to throw your mother into oh those many years ago. (I'm sure she'd tell you the story if you asked!)


5:37 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

OGB -- that is actually WHY we were at the pond! to hear the romantic stories of the days of yore. :) somehow, along the way, a tree tour was incorporated.

5:44 PM 

Blogger OGB had this to say:

You have to be careful with Muum ... one minute it's family history the next your either on a trees and shrubs trek or traipsing from headstone to headstone! Actually, that's one of the things I most love about her.


1:11 AM 

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