Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i think my husband and i are about the last 2 people on earth to see Enchanted -- but finally, last night, we rented it and watched it.

and i had heard only great reviews -- that people loved it, left the theater wanting to sing, to dance. that it was just a great, fun movie. so i was prepared to love it. i wanted to love it.

i didn't love it. i liked it, but that's about all i can say, really. i think for the most part, it's because i had seen the previews (more than once) and felt like evern funny part in the movie was included...it was like they gave it all away beforehand. and i was expecting some other funny or charming bits that i didn't know where coming, but they just weren't forthcoming. to me.

for the record, i do love disney movies (by and large) and musicals. but there we have it. enchanted. what do you all say -- did you love it?

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Blogger Marilee had this to say:

I think what I like most about Enchanted was seeing Sophie (3-year-old) watch it with keen interest! We hadn't taken her to a movie theater in a while, not since she has been able to sit through a movie. So it was fun to see her follow the story and show emotion. But otherwise, a cute movie with fun animation and story.

1:27 PM 

Blogger Iccle Anne had this to say:

I went to see Enchanted at the cinema with some friends and their kids. I didn't know much about it before going, which helped. I had my husband on one side and a friend on the other, and the two of them were making me laugh so much. It's funny that we went to the story with a soon to be divorced bloke and his "not official" girlfriend, there were some interesting parallels, I'm not sure whether the children saw the unhappy divorcee find love again, but I saw the parallels! Awww!
I enjoyed it on the whole, but would not have rented it unless with children or a load of silly mates.

3:52 PM 

Blogger Connie had this to say:

My problem with Enchanted was that the princess was so silly that her idealism (which I wanted to share) seemed silly too. Youth need intelligent, heroines not silly ones. The old Disney princesses didn't seem silly to me.
That said, it was fun to find all the references to other movies and laugh at the jokes.

8:12 PM 

Blogger Jason had this to say:

I never watch commercials for a movie I know I'm going to watch. This wasn't one of those movies, but Ashley made me watch it and the ending was HORRIBLE. Not a fan, but I'm a guy and I doubt many guys were really that into it.

11:58 PM 

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