Monday, October 31, 2005
warning: rant ahead

halloween night; the trick or treaters haven't started to come yet......and we're just warming up dinner. i was planning on making chicken enchiladas tonight (yummy) but my head hurts too much to do anything, so we're warming up chicken nibbles instead. a poor substitute. :( today the neurologists' office (Dr. R) called AGAIN -- apparently his personal emergency will be keeping him out of the office for the next week and a half. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! sooooo the next appt. they made for me is Nov. 17th at 11am. grr. this doesn't make me happy AT ALL! so i told the lady who called that i'd like to get in to see one of his associates, or ANYTHING sooner than that, if possible. i explained the daily headache thing. she said she was putting me on the top of her list, in case he came in next week at all and could fit me in. am i really on any list? probably not. call me cynical, but i have a *feeling* that it is just something good to say to get off the phone w/me. i can understand it's not her fault, but it's NO ONE"S fault, and i just continually have no appointment, and thus no chance to try something new that might help me get better! ok, rant complete.
november marks one year that the migraines have been daily. not my favorite kind of anniversary to 'celebrate'. ah, well. such is life.

Anonymous just mom had this to say:

my dear child, I wish I could take them all away for you, love you , Mom

1:28 PM 

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