Thursday, November 17, 2005
so much has happened lately...

well it's thursday and i'm finally writing - in true emilir fashion, i will catch you up on the recent events in my life. so all the way back on tuesday, i cut my leg shaving. this was no little nick, this was the grand-daddy of all shaving cuts. at least for me. i have NEVER cut myself worse!! so that was gross and somewhat painful, but now it's fine. i just have a little spot on my ankle where the skin is shaved off (ew, i know). So, YUCK! but anyways, as i was getting out of the shower, i was supposed to turn down the oven for my bread; yes i was cooking bread! however, after only 15 minutes (out of the supposed total 45) the bread already had a dark brown crust on top! ack!!!! my adventures in bread making appeared to be completely unsuccessful; i assumed the inner bread was either overdone or completely underdone (dough) - but was in for a pleasant surprise when i found out that it was perfect! so what's up with that? i don't know. something crazy.
yesterday was really not nearly as exciting, my head hurt a lot and except for grocery shopping, i was home resting all day. TODAY, however, was the long-awaited (and much complained about) dr.'s appointment. unfortunately, i woke up this morning with my headache even WORSE than yesterday, wondering if it was safe to drive to the neurologist's office. i decided i'd be ok. of course once i got there, the waiting room is loud and bright and has TVs going. yuck. that was lame. but things went well (for the most part) w/my doctor......we are going to start treating the seizure activity in my brain and the headaches separately; if the seizure activity is in fact causing the headaches, we'll get that taken care of first; we're going to start trying anti-convulsants until we find one that works for me. if none of those take the headaches away, we'll add something separate for treating those. some of you may be asking 'why not try topamax or depakote, or something like that that treats both seizures and headaches?' simply b/c the topamax and the depakote didn't work -- so my neurologist wants to attack the problems separately. fine by me! he also (gratefully) prescribed some medicine that i can take when the headache gets worse than usual - something i can take before i take zomig that will hopefully work and prevent the need for buying so much (expensive) zomig. it's called Toradol; and some of you may remember that this is what i get in shot form when i go to urgent care. it's old enough to have a generic version. hallelujah! also, in preempting all such questions, i'm aware of all the possible side effects and will be getting a blood test done in a month's time to make sure my liver is handling it well. the anticonvulsant we are trying is called tegretol, just FYI. so i feel pretty good about how the appointment went, i was somewhat rankled by a few things he said, but then what's new?

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