Thursday, December 15, 2005
it all began at walmart

that's right. my headache was much better today......then i went to walmart. and i'm being serious here, not even joking, that my headache was 10 times worse when i left that store. now it could be the millions of other shoppers, and the fact that i couldn't go around a corner without running into someone, or waiting for someone, or WHATEVER. it also could be the noise associated with said people. but i honestly think it's the flourescent lighting. no, no, hear me out~!

i think since my headaches are caused by seizure activity, the fast flickering of flourescent lights makes my headaches worse. i've noticed it when i go to stores, and also at church (where they also have flourescent lighting).

does that mean i can have an 'i hate walmart' shirt too?

Anonymous Your Mom had this to say:

y'okay! we'll put it on your Christmas list!!!

6:29 AM 

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