Wednesday, December 14, 2005
KFC happenings...

so i wasn't feeling good today (See previous post....) so when my husband got home, he took me out to dinner....we went to KFC. so this was very sweet, of course, b/c i hate trying to cook w/a migraine. so then our KFC meal is done with, and i started to get a hankering for a sundae with caramel.

i know what you're thinking right now - you pig! oink oink oink!!! greasy fried chicken with a biscuit and potato wedges aren't enough for you? you need ice cream too? ugh. you = disgusting.

but i cannot lie, even if the whole internet world thinks i'm a horrible fat pig. i seriously wanted this sundae. soooo spencer was nice enough to get it to split with me. this of course made me really happy. it was the kind where they layer hot caramel with soft serve vanilla -- you know? near the bottom of the sundae, there was a stubborn piece of caramel stuck to the side, which i was valiantly trying to free.......however, in true emily fashion, my spoon came quickly unstuck, and the ice cream was flung from the spoon, onto my forehead. truly.

that was really funny. probably one of the funniest things i've ever done, and one of the dorkiest. that's really saying something, considering the really idiotic and clutzy things i do. if only i had a picture for you, my blogging audience. but alas, there was a wet nap nearby, and i cleaned my forehead off.

it was getting sticky. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Sweet, you need to keep that camara around. Someday your kids will want to see that

9:09 PM 

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