Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a new post for wednesday:

still not feeling good today......this is especially unfortunate because tonight is the young women's mystery dinner...i need to bring salad for 40, and drinks and ice also.....additionally, i'm supposed to be there to help set up, and serve throughout the night. unless things change dramatically....i don't think i'll last the night! (that sounded overly dramatic....i didn't mean i'd die or something, just that i wouldn't be able to do all that i was expected to do, for the whole night).....

yesterday was pretty nondescript...i thought i had finished my christmas shopping, but then spencer reminded me of a few more gifts.....of course, but we are NEARLY done. everything's wrapped except for one present which i must first assemble. ooh, that is mysterious sounding.

i think i'm gonna go rest in bed. for a long time. :)




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