Monday, December 12, 2005

well, today has been a good day (so far) headache hasn't gotten too bad, despite a lot of shopping. i got some presents mailed to far away family, and most of the rest of my presents bought. so this is good. there are presents left to buy, but now they're the MINORITY instead of....well, the overwhelming majority.

also realized last night that i spent more on my dear hubby than i's just when you add it all know. i love buying him stuff. :-)

here's a link to a neat website. it's called 63 gift ideas for under $10. lots of good ideas, too. i haven't had occasion to put it into action, but it did help spawn some great gift ideas......i was thinking today, how lucky i am to be able to spend christmas with all of (my side of) my family; we are sad to miss spencer's family this year.....but i'm so grateful that everyone is well and living nearby, and we're going to be together. it's been a few years since everyone was there.

ACK! reminder to self: MUST CHANGE OIL IN CAR SOON!!!!!!! before the car stops functioning. yikes. must, must must do that!

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