Friday, December 09, 2005

well, it's friday at long last. and i am babysitting. if you can call it that. my only 'charge' is upstairs, asleep. it's naptime. but since mom is gone, i guess it has to be babysitting, or else they call it 'abandonement', right? Right. but having such an easy job (for a few hours) leaves me time to not only breathe, but also update the blogging world. i hope you haven't missed me *too* much.

life is good; the concert last night was GREAT - i've heard renee fleming's recordings before, but have never seen her live. she was amazing. the motab was amazing. all the other ppl.; you got it, amazing. so it was really fun, and we went to one of our favorite mexican places for dinner; alberto's. lest you think this is some kind of ritzy joint, let me reassure you, it's NOT! it's like a fast food version of authentic mexican food (made by mexicans of course) -- so it's cheap, but really good! that was fun.

how does my head feel today? not too good. looking forward to some time laying down in bed...

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