Thursday, January 19, 2006
everything's here, wish you were fine...

so i'm still sick, but i think i'm improving! i am working on eating really plain, easy to digest foods. for lunch: applesauce and pasta. the pasta has no sauce. soooo hopefully tonight i'll be feeling better. last night was miserable; if i moved, i felt ike i was going to puke. sometimes even when i didn't move, i'd think i was gonna puke, so i'd have to run to the bathroom, which only induced more feelings of nausea......miraculously, i never ACTUALLY threw up. i just felt like i was going to a lot of the time.

so hopefully i'm on the upswing.

no car alarms last night, or if there were i didn't hear them (thank you nyquil).....

we have also made plans to have friends over on sunday for dinner, i'm excited to see them again. they're a couple we knew from BYU, and he is undergoing some career changes, so i'm excited to hear about that. and SHE is pregnant, so i always love to hear about THAT! babies, baby plans, etc. you know. girl stuff..

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