Tuesday, March 21, 2006
welcome to kitchen disasters...

i think i should have a daily column; how to ruin any meal in 5 minutes! on sunday was the meatloaf; i didn't blog about it because it ruined an already tenuous day. yes, i was too upset about it to blog about it. in any case, then monday was the sweet and sour incident -- and now; what we'll affectionately refer to as the Rhodes Rolls Happening. Yesterday my sister and i went shopping; in preparation for the Freezer cooking fest that happened today. being the plan-ahead kind of gal i am, i left all the meat and the rolls in the fridge to thaw for tomorrow (that'd be today.). twell. when i started packing up my stuff to go over there this morning, this is what met my bewildered eyes:

i was worried about it exploding, and rhodes roll dough coating my kitchen. i stuck it in a plastic bag (after consulting sarah), and drove over there; hoping and praying the entire way that the bag wouldn't explode all over the leather interior. yeah. we at least avoided that.

suffice it to say, the rolls had been rising all night. that's what HAPPENS when frozen bread dough thaws! now i know. we used it for cracked wheat pizza crusts. :)

Blogger Kell had this to say:

Hi Emily

You sound quite similar to me in the kitchen which is why I dont cook anymore. I pay for my kids to have school dinners and then my husband cooks tea or I give them a healthy easy plate of salad!! I survive on toast and cereal. ;)

5:27 AM 

Blogger Muum had this to say:

urrgh, I feel I have failed you as a mom! I should've taught you that! much love,

6:50 AM 

Blogger Stephanie had this to say:

At least you can get those things to rise!

9:18 AM 

Blogger House Warden had this to say:

I'm probably one of the few people out there that have never used those freezer rolls my mother-in-law does all the time. If I'm going to have rolls I'm going to make them myself, and that is probably why we dont' have rolls that often at my house. Although since our family is still small, often times I'll make a whole batch and put half in the freezer for later.

10:50 AM 

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