Monday, April 10, 2006
a king kong da ding dong

well, i have to start out and tell you all how we liked king kong, since i told you we were going to see it; i liked it a lot. i thought it was great! a fabulous commentary on the thoughtless nature of humans where their environment and animals are concerned. also a unique love story. HOWEVER; i covered my eyes through a scene which may have changed my love for this movie (hence we will not be owning it) -- for any who have seen the movie, it involved large bugs. yeah. i'm a huge wimp and just turned my head into my husband's shoulder through that whole scene. from his reaction (and the rest of the theater), it was pretty intense. AKA not for me. sooo i wouldn't heartily recommend it. but I enjoyed it.

just for the sake of lists, here are a few movies i hope we DO own soon --

pride and pred (the new one)
about a boy
far and away
muppet treasure island (can't get enough of these guys)
and while we're at it, the muppet show set
and dreamer

ooh. i love dream lists. ;) anyways, i'm doing ok today; yesterday was a really lame day as far as headaches are concerned. i stayed through all of church (probably a mistake) and then the rest of the day my headache just got worse and worse and worse. i ended up taking something for it at 7:30 and sleeping much of the rest of the evening. typical. when someone develops a medicine that will take care of my migraine and NOT make me fall asleep for the next 6 hours -- i think they're gonna make big bucks. and rightfully so. i would be willing to pay $12 a pill for that. but zomig and imitrex; kind of a glorified sleeping pill as far as i'm concerned. do they affect everyone this way? i don't know. they help take care of my pain (and i most CERTAINLY do not use them as sleeping pills, i don't want to be misunderstood), but i would love to enjoy my headache free hours in consciousness rather than just sleeping them away. any thoughts from fellow migraine sufferers out there?

anywho, i'm doing pretty good today. the rain is here. :)

Blogger Emily had this to say:

I liked it too...but covered my eyes a few times also! LOL

12:25 PM 

Blogger Noncommittal by nature had this to say:

we just finished watching the muppet set, so nostalgic! and how much do i love the new (and old) P&P? so much!

i liked king kong too, with the same exception. toooo gross!!!

12:55 PM 

Blogger Frog Legs had this to say:

Glad you enjoyed your movie. :) We have Muppets take Manhattan- my 7 yr old *LOVES* it, so we watch it way more than I want to. But-- if we're watching that, at least we aren't watching "Ernest goes to Africa." ;)

7:27 AM 

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

i've been waaaaay behind on blogs. but emily! THIS IS GORGEOUS!!

11:09 PM 

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