Wednesday, March 29, 2006
the eBay story...

what is this, my seventy-second post today? anyways, here's the deal. some of you may remember (although most probably won't) that i was selling some earrings on eBay. i'd link to them, but no. that's part of the story.

had everything gone according to plan, my auction would have closed a few days ago, and with any LUCK, someone would've bought my earrings. such is not the case. somehow, my account was 'compromised'. that's right. who would want my account, i don't know. i have NO feedback (i hear that's a big deal) and i've never bought anything or sold anything.....

so last week eBay suspended my account - the notice said it was b/c i was 'abusing eBay'. huh. i didn't know what that meant, or how i was abusing eBay --- so i emailed them back and said so. of course they had to cancel all my auctions. soooo... finally they emailed me today, and said that they had reason to believe that my password had been compromised. was it you guys?!?!??!?! huh?? i know you wanted all that revenue from my earrings, and wanted to charge all your vintage shoes to my credit card. luckily, eBay is onto you!!! hahahaha. otherwise, it would've gone undetected till my husband asked me why i was going on such an eBay shopping spree. that's bad enough when he asks me that, but if i'm not even doing the spending? whew. lame.

so, long story made even longer, the process to be reinstated at eBay is (i kid you not) akin to applying for a social security card. whew. it's gonna take me like 2 weeks. then i have to mail it to them. next time i post my auctions, that's not an open call for all you to start getting into my account and taking over, ok? i know you're out there..............

Blogger Krisco had this to say:

That is so weird, and what a bummer!

I wonder how they got your info, and more importantly, what they did?

Did eBay tell you?

Do you need to check your credit rating to see if they're doing something wacky?


(And I was looking forward to hearing all about your sucessful eBay earring selling! Well, maybe in a few weeks...)

9:48 PM 

Blogger LeighAnn had this to say:

WOW! Ok, next time put a link for what you are selling. Would love to see it!

10:09 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I've been banned as well...

For unknown reasons-- But still for "abusing ebay"

EBay does that, seemingly randomly-- because noone I've asked or spoken to can say *why* you are banned, and furthermore: If EBay can't ban you for any other reason, they may ban you by stating that your password may have been compromised-- Because someone -- who, incidentally, ebay can't IP-ban or LOCATE -- have tried to log onto your account.

Found this post on google, while putting up a list of 1000 people who got the *exact* same "abusing ebay" mail as me, even claiming that there is an "I" who "have investigated" the case -- when it is a standard form they send to anyone under suspicion of "abusing ebay"

3:20 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »

1:56 PM 

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