Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thirteen of Emily's Favorite Movies

1. Gone with the Wind - just an awesome, epic movie
2. The Emperor's New Groove so funny. hilarious. i love love LOVE this movie
3. The Lord of the Rings series these movies are seriously awesome. love the war scenes, the dialogue, and i LOVE when legolas is running next to the horse and swings himself up onto the saddle; every time i am like, "YES!" when i see him do that.
4. The Star Wars series (yes, even the new ones) seriously, these are just classic. how can you NOT like star wars? i don't think it's possible.
5. Far and Away great movie, drama; fabulous score; and i love tom cruise and nicole kidman together; they were awesome
6. About a Boy so funny. and weird. hugh grant is just perfect in this movie.
7. Ice Age hilarious, once again. surprised me how much i liked this movie.
8. any and all Muppet movies 'nuff said. the muupets = funny.
9. Dreamer i was surprised that i liked this movie so much too. it just captured all my little-girl dreams, some of which i'm still working towards today. (no, not horse riding or racing.)
10. The Harry Potter series i read all the books b/c a friend said i should; i was glad i did and now i (and the rest of the world) HAVE to see the movies.
11. The Man who knew Too Little this is bill murray; so clueless and SO FUNNY; if you've seen this, my favorite part is the chase scene; i literally laugh through the whole thing.
12. What about Bob? another hilarious bill murray. heehee. my family quotes this ALL THE TIME. does that mean we're mentally ill? probably not.
13. My Fair Lady ah, audrey hepburn. what more is there to say? everything i've ever seen her in, i loved. she's gorgeous, and an amazing actress.

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Blogger Heather had this to say:


You just listed almost all of my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES.

I love ALL of these.

You should check out "My Blue Heaven" with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. Funny, funny, funny.

-Heather (Who is much to busy to do a 13 today and really shouldn't even be on the computer right now. Ahhh. It's sucking me in.)

10:59 AM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

What a great list. It makes me realize how behind I am in my movie watching. :) I'll have to check some of these out. Happy Thursday!

11:18 AM 

Anonymous Karin had this to say:

You have some great movies on that list! I recently bought the extended dvd version of Lord of the Rings and I can't wait until hubby and I have time to watch them together :)

11:27 AM 

Blogger Amanda had this to say:

Great list. About a Boy and Far and Away are two of my favorites too!

My 13 are up.

11:28 AM 

Blogger Heather Smith had this to say:

I love your list. Most of those are some of my faves as well! Especially The Emporer's New Groove, I like the part where she says, "I could turn him into a flea, and I'll put that flea in a box, and I'll put that box in another box, then I'll mail it to myself, and when it comes, I'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER, or to save on postage, I could poison him with this."
I laugh out loud everytime!!

11:34 AM 

Blogger owlhaven had this to say:

I loved 5 too, and I want to see 9!

11:54 AM 

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

I love most of those, too. Jacob and I just watched Dreamer. OM! What a wonderful movie! I can't wait to watch it again and again and again!

Happy T13! Thanks for stopping by! You always beat me to the punch ;)

12:07 PM 

Blogger Emily had this to say:

NO, NO, NO!! You didn't just say My Fair Lady?

LMAO! You would not believe this but I have been singing "All I want is a room somewhere" for like a WEEK! LOL Now it'll just be stuck in my head even more! LOL

Great list...I agree with most of them(but I am the only human left that hasn't actually seen the LOTR series...LOL)

12:12 PM 

Blogger Amy The Black had this to say:

Good list. I haven't seen half of them. I'm not good about getting chick-flick movies, but once I get them, I'm sucked in!

12:36 PM 

Blogger TNChick had this to say:

I haven't watched about 5-6 of those. No Potter or LOTR for me.

About A Boy will be watched this weekend tho, glad to hear you think it's worthy!

12:41 PM 

Blogger YellowRose had this to say:

I did this same list awhile back! LOTR's was on it as was HP movies (and I have read all the books too!)..Love them!! You have good taste!

Thanks for visiting my 13 today! Happy Thursday!

1:07 PM 

Anonymous Melanie had this to say:

Great taste in movies! I'm new to 13! Just going down the blogroll - learning new stuff about everyone...

3:12 PM 

Blogger Courtney had this to say:

Have to agree with #2, 7, and 8. Haven't seen a couple of those others yet though.

My TT is up

3:34 PM 

Blogger Mouse had this to say:

Totally agree with #2. Disney's best movie, aside from "Sleeping Beauty."

LOVE Ms. Audrey!!! She's one of my favorite actresses.

And "LOTR" rocks! My sister got me a replica Undomiel pendant for Christmas (though I liked the character of Eowyn better).

3:38 PM 

Blogger EmilyRoseJewel had this to say:

Good list! I think the only one I haven't seen is Dreamer, but I would like to see it. Come check out my TT. Good name by the way!

6:16 PM 

Blogger Edge had this to say:

Mine are up! QUESADILLAS!

7:10 PM 

Blogger Matt had this to say:

I've seen about half of those movies. Great list though.

My TT is up here.

7:34 PM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

12:32 AM 

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