Tuesday, August 08, 2006
the dr.s appointment yesterday

wow. i don't even know where to begin.

let's start from the beginning (a very good place to start....)

i check in 10 minutes early for my 3:30 appointment. all is well in the world. they take be back around 3:40 or so. still, normal. no one comes to see me for 45 minutes. i'm a little peeved, but at the same time, this isn't too strange. to irritate me further, instead of sending my doctor or physical therapist, they send me a medical student i've never met before and who has no idea why i'm there or much about my pain in general. fun. like i want to explain this to you. where's my doctor?

doctor comes in about 20 minutes later (we're at 4:45 now), an hour and 15 minutes after my apointment was set for. i'm not too happy, but really, just chilling. i wouldn't be so irritated if my head wasn't hurting so dang much. irony!! so dr. starts talking about what we're planning to do on the first follow up visit; physical therapy followed by trigger point injections. i'm confused. 'sooooo do you want me to go to physical therapy now?'. he's confused. 'what do you mean?' 'this IS the first followup appointment'. doctor excuses himself. comes back. there is no physical therapy appointment set up for me today. we can't do trigger point injections until AFTER i've had physical therapy. perfect. he goes to see if any of the physical therapists are available. no, they're all leaving for the day or have left. wonder why? possibly because it's nearly 5 pm?? soooo he says they're not going to charge me for this visit and apologizes for the scheduling mishap. i'm thinking, 'darn right you're not going to charge me!' clearly, that would be ridiculous. you haven't done anything except waste my time.

so i'm ready to leave, and have to stop by the scheduling desk again (where this all started) to schedule a replacement appointment for this one that didn't happen. and we are going to have physical therapy too! but (to top the appointment off perfectly) their computers are down and they can't schedule me now. would i call back tomorrow? wow. i'd love to. i've called the scheduling lady 3 times already today, and left her a message. guess what. she hasn't called me back. so i'm feeling all kinds of warm fuzzies for my pain clinic today. HA!

in summary; i greatly appreciate all the well wishes for my appointment yesterday, but NOTHING happened. those do-do brains.

Blogger Muum had this to say:

I agree -those do-do brains!!! sorry, dear!

5:24 PM 

Anonymous Caryn had this to say:

WOW! What an awful appointment! I can't believe he even mentioned that they wouldn't charge you for the visit--it should go without saying. I'm assuming there were no profuse apologies?

6:45 PM 

Blogger Frog Legs had this to say:

Oh gosh-- dreadful. My first reaction was "find another place." But I did that with my RE, and the others were worse tan the first one. Hope the secretary finally called back.

12:29 AM 

Blogger terri had this to say:

and we wonder how patients get the wrong medications.


sorry to hear you had a wretched day. the waiting part sounds all-too-familiar but pretty bad that they screwed up the treatment plan.

oh well, hopefully they'll get their act together the next time and you will have some luck with the proposed therapies. i find it scary that doctors walk in the door having looked at your chart for all of 2 seconds. last time at my neuro we were half way through the appt and he looked at me when i said something and said "oh, now i remember you".


hang in there kiddo. these doctors aren't so bad once they figure out what they're doing, but be sure to be diligent about your own care and never assume they (a) remember your case or (b) have everything documented. be diligent with your own records because it's pretty clear they can't keep track of everyone very well!

7:55 PM 

Blogger Heather had this to say:

Oh, Emily. I'm hurting for you. That is just beyond frustrating.

I sure hope they can get things right for you and that the treatment will help.

So, sorry you had to deal with that. And with a headache, no less!

3:29 PM 

Anonymous HolyMama! had this to say:

oh GAH! And a 'PAIN Clinic', indeed!

9:55 PM 

Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly had this to say:

That is so frustrating. I am so sorry.


2:11 PM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

Thanks for the update. I was wondering how it went.

That's so frustrating! I hope things work out for you soon.

10:19 AM 

Blogger Kimmy had this to say:

Bless your heart!
Aren't most of them big do-do heads?

4:05 PM 

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