Monday, September 04, 2006
happy labor day

hi friends --

we're moved into the new place; everything but the plants pretty much. the unfortunate thing is that there's no internet set up yet. boo hoo. i miss you all and am looking forward to catching up on your blogs and showing you my new place. :)

take care -- i'll give you the big pain clinic saga once i'm back too.

Anonymous Denise had this to say:

Congrats on the new place! Hope your internet is up and running soon! :)

8:37 PM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

Yea on your new apt. Hopefully it won't be a saga! I'll have the chihuahuas keep their fingers crossed for you. ;)

9:46 PM 

Blogger "Grandi" had this to say:

Oh dear - the word "saga" when linked with "pain clinic" doesn't have a positive sound to it!! I want so bad for you to find some relief! Still praying for you!!

3:18 PM 

Blogger Amber had this to say:

Ahhh, the pains of moving...with delayed Internet access. Hang in there!

4:35 PM 

Blogger Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly had this to say:

Congrats on the new place!!! Want to hear about it soon.


6:56 AM 

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