Sunday, January 14, 2007
a movie review

well, now, this is a movie i'm guessing most of my readership hasn't seen. maybe doesn't want to see. that's ok. you're not missing much. but you are missing some. so that's what i'm here to tell you about.

the movie is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. it's a movie about a kid who likes to race cars. he moves from the U.S. (i don't know where, somewhere with rich, snobby high school kids) to tokyo b/c he gets in trouble with the law. it's unrealistic from the start b/c he looks like he's nearly thirty. but, here's the key to the movie; keep your expectations low, and you'll love it.

in tokyo, he finds his way to the drift racing scene. now i'm out of it. i'd never heard of drift racing. but SERIOUSLY it is cool to watch. check out the trailer here, and especially watch around 30 seconds, and at the very end for some drift footage.

.....ok, you're back? that was rad, right? right. easily the best moment in the 'film' (we'll use that term loosely) is when the grey car drives up the ramp SIDEWAYS during a race. wow. so cool. there's also some drift racing on a mountain road. crazy.

we rented this from redbox for free (with a code from this website) and it was worth every penny. ridiculous at times, unbelievable most of the time, but some really sweet racing.

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Blogger Reel Fanatic had this to say:

I think the trailer will be enough for me .. thanks for the warning!

9:56 AM 

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