Tuesday, January 23, 2007
so this was weird

a few days ago, spencer and i ate popcorn for lunch. (that's not the weird part).

i felt like i had a kernel stuck between my last tooth, and that mooshy part of your gum behind your last tooth. not pleasant.

so i've been flossing like a fiend trying to get it out.

no luck.

so i tell spencer i want him to look back there. this is not easily accomplished.

first i lay down with my head tilted back, he shines the flashlight in there, and holds the mini-mirror in my mouth too. he can't see. my cheek is in the way, and i keep fogging up the mirror.

which causes him to ask in frustration, 'isn't this thing MADE for looking in your mouth?' i didn't know if it's possible to have anti-fog mirrors. turns out they have them, they're just expensive.

sooooo he asks if i have a tongue depressor or something else i'd feel comfortable having in my mouth. like a pen. i said if he washed it we could put it in my mouth - i'm such a stickler for cleanliness! he says, what about a fork? i say, 'how 'bout a spoon?'

we're on our way again.

so now there are more implements than he has hands. things are getting complicated. mirror, spoon, flashlight.

i fog up the mirror again.

'you need to hold your breath, i can't see anything'.

sooooo i hold my breath. unfortunately, about this time i start to think this is really funny, especially looking up at my (kind sweet) husband, who is peering into my mouth with an intense concentration i rarely see when he's not working on the computer.

i start laughing. a lot.

he's not pleased.

sorry, i say, i just had the giggles. let's try again.

but we try again and i can't help laughing again -- this is too funny!

spencer, however, is not amused. he's trying to help me and i'm giggling.

time to get serious. my intrepid husband is about to back out, and then what will i do? i can't look in there myself, i've already tried.

again he shines the flashlight in there, moves my cheek out of the way with the spoon, and then i hold my breath and he sticks the mirror in there. (which reminds me i forgot all about the tongue problems.) sheesh.

after all this, the verdict is: it looks a little more swollen than the other parts.

that's IT?!?!

oh dear.

his advice (remember, he is not a dentist, he only plays one on TV) is to let the kernel work itself out. stop flossing, b/c what if i'm pushing it up further?

so it is.

you may be wondering why i don't go to a dentist.

we don't have dental insurance. like, at all. sooooo we wait. hopefully things get better -- if not, i may just make a $100 trip to the dentist to remove a popcorn kernel.

what's a girl to do?

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Blogger jagular had this to say:

That happened to me one time and the way I got it out was by swishing a mouthful of water really vigorously.
But mine wasn't in that last tooth spot. Ouch.

3:40 AM 

Blogger MelnHead had this to say:

THIS is the reason why my love/hate relationship with popcorn. LOL! :) I agree with your hubby-- leave it alone a bit, and then use your tongue-- that's how I have to do it. Sounds weird I know, but seriously- my tongue can wiggle and is stronger than a stupid piece of floss. ;)

7:28 PM 

Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess had this to say:

This is a really funny story! I hade this happen to me in college, and I don't remember it being a pleasant experience. Unfortunately I can't remember how I got it out--but I know I didn't go to the dentist.

2:57 PM 

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