Friday, May 23, 2008
a little wedding recap

well i'm not going to go over the whole weekend -- way too many events, and i'm only going to post a few pictures. :) here's one of the bride's pretty sister doing my hair

and then here we can see how it turned out! it was so fun having my hair done - it's been a long time. probably since my own wedding, since i had an occasion to get my hair really done up.

and then this was a dance with my honey - this was my moment with him. most of the rest of the weekend he was taking pictures, literally. but somewhere over the rainbow was playing (the ukelele version) and i think the siblings of the bride and groom were supposed to be dancing. so he came and danced with me for a bit -- after he'd gotten the necessary photos, of course! i was happy to see him, and happy to have a moment with him.

you can see the bride and groom in the background. and in less-important news, you can also see my super cute brown shoes...i tried to break them in beforehand, but they only lasted 4 hours or so. seems like the shoe makers didn't account for my 4th toe. strange. i will show them to you later on, another entry.

many other wonderful and fabulous times were had (the actual wedding, for instance). but these are a few from the reception, which was also beautiful and a lot of fun.

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Blogger deborah had this to say:

Oh, Em you look so pretty. I'm so happy Spencer took some time out to dance with you. Can't wait to see more of the pictures.

4:47 PM 

Blogger Sue had this to say:

How lovely!!

The shoes are fab, but I know what you mean about the fourth toe. What's up with that?

Love the hair!

11:26 AM 

Blogger Paige had this to say:

Love the hair, and the shoes are great. You and your sweetie look darling together.

9:57 AM 

Blogger kimberlie had this to say:

great hair! Also, you two look very much in love. So cute!

4:09 AM 

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