Friday, November 18, 2005

well, a member of my viewing audience has requested more clear PARAGRAPHS in my blog. aye aye, captain. i'll do what i can. the past few posts have been a little.....lengthy and crazy looking.

so yesterday was a super bad headache day; today is a relatively GOOD day; and i don't have too many of those. that is, too many days when my headache is better than normal. so i'm hopeful that one of the new medicines is working some magic in there (on my brain) - that'd be cool. i actually did a lot more today than i usually am able; i went over to my sister's house and we did FREEZER cooking. which sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not. ;) you cook stuff (in large amounts) and then freeze it for later consumption. fun fun. i also taught my niece a piano lesson.

i also wanted to mention a few (unexpected) advantages i have found in living what i'll call 'the lifestyle of a hermit'. when you have headaches all the time, your social calendar clears up pretty quick. not only are you not much fun to be around, but it's hard to go out and have a great time when your head is throbbing. soooooo i find myself alone. thusly, one advantage i thought of today was that i don't get sick nearly so often. not like i was sick a LOT before, but colds and flu, etc., i don't get those as much. also, i have *plenty* of me time. like, all i could ever want. i have time to read lots, and watch movies, and write a blog (hee hee) and read the newspaper, and try new recipes (when i have more energy) and nap (when i don't).....of course there are many advantages to NOT being a hermit, but let's stick to the positive, ok?

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Enjoyed a lot!
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