Sunday, November 06, 2005
wow - it's been so long!

hard to believe i haven't written in here for so long! of course i haven't been busy; that would be a lie. but i just haven't been spending much time at all on the computer. the poor thing is getting ready to die; the crash and burn of our hard drive is imminent. :-( so sad. let's see, it should take about 3 sentences to bring you up to speed on 'my world' since i last wrote. headaches are the same. spend most of friday with my sister and her kids. spent saturday w/husband, during which time he took pictures of my sister and her family.
yep. that about covers it! it's obvious that my life is full of mystery, intrigue, and well........ok nothing very exciting. but i was able to stay for 2 of the 3 hours of church today, which is the longest i've been able to for a while now. spencer and i TRIED to get some tickets yesterday for the MoTab christmas concert, but 'twas in vain. :-( they're sold out, and we don't get any. boo hoo. we'll have to hope somehow we'll be able to get into the dress rehearsal.
our new ward read our membership records in today; what was really funny was this; our entire apartment complex was moved into this new ward; they read us all in today, and *including* spencer and i, there were only 3 of us present. yikes.
also, spencer has been updating his website, adding new pictures; if you know us, please check it out, see what he's added recently!! the address is:


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