Thursday, December 22, 2005
golf carts

so earlier today, husband and i were driving down the highway -- heading to drop off a few presents; when he sees an entire semi full of golf carts! 'there you go' he says, 'all the golf carts you could ever need.'

i told him 'i only need one!' -- this hearkens back to days when i was trying to go to school (college) full time while i had the migraines occuring daily. needless to say, it wasn't pretty. one thing i found for sure, though, is that i was a lot better off the less i had to walk around. it was especially bad if i spent a lot of time walking up hills or stairs. this just gets the blood pumping, which is GREAT if you're looking for cardiovascular exercise, but really *not great* if the beat of your heart is also the beat of your migraine. raising the old heart rate really makes the headaches worse. soooooo, always a woman of great intellectual prowess, i told him that what i needed was a golf cart to drive around in. i was cool in the buildings, you know, they have elevators and stuff. and i could do that little bit of walking. but GETTING there, that was a big challenge. my dear husband said that they are expensive. :( hm. not good. well then, how about a wagon? you could pull me around? or a shopping cart? that seems to be a really good solution for many homeless people -- they keep all their stuff in it, i would just ride in it. spencer says the shopping cart is illegal (darn!) and the wagon is ridiculous. hmmmmm...thinking...thinking....

finally i hit upon the perfect solution: an ostrich. that's right. i'll just ride an ostrich around campus. you've seen the swiss family robinson, right? well, you're not going to believe this, but he said it was 'impractical'. party pooper.


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