Thursday, December 22, 2005

no feeling well again today -- unfortunate, yes, but it's ok. i feel grateful that i had enough good days that i was able to get all our Christmas shopping and wrapping done. spencer doesn't have time; he's finishing up his senior project. and it is important that it get done!

so i've been in bed resting all morning (and the early afternoon) -- spencer is driving me to drop off a few presents at his aunt's house, and then we need to pick up a few things at the grocery store. ah yes. my life is the stuff that novels are made of. very boring novels, at least. if i feel better later on i'll make some more cookies. if i can't get a second batch made soon, the batch i first made will be stale! ack.

i had this crazy dream last night (actually this morning) that i slept in (accurate so far....) and when i woke up, there were TONS of people in our apartment. ours is not a large apartment, so even just a large group will seem crowded. but in my dream there were hundreds and hundreds; there was actually a bus out front that had brought a lot of them. i finally found spencer and asked him what was going on; he said that we were hosting the stake barbeque. i said, well i wish you would've told me about this. he said 'i did!' pretty hilarious stuff.

that is all.

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