Monday, December 19, 2005
still monday -- can you BELIEVE it?

yes, the day is nearly done; i did make the cookies (one set at least) and the bread. so while it feels *great* to get that out of my system, i have a headache back again. i'm not sure if it just got worse on its own, or if i overdid it today with my 'strenuous' activities. yikes, it's like i'm 90 years old or something. hello???? i cooked for a few hours!?!? we just won't go there ;)

but i made some snickerdoodles, and tomorrow i'll make maybe some jam thumbprint cookies, or maybe some sugar cookies to frost. that'd be fun. seems to me that when you got cookies from neighbors, the best plates were the ones that had more than one kind of cookies on them....

of course that always leads to 'favorite' and 'less favorite' cookies...right? ah well, what can you do?


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