Friday, December 16, 2005

well, friday has come and (almost) gone, and few things of note have happened.

but one important thing DID: my doctor CALLED ME!!!
so this is good news. he apologized for the delay, and we talked about my meds and how i was doing, etc., etc., i told him that the anti seizure med was helping;but not enough. it was allowing me to have good days, but i still have plenty of bad days. so we're going to up the dosage over the next 2 weeks, and if the headaches aren't better by then, we'll add a medicine for the headaches.

it is at this point that i mentioned that i've had some 'trouble getting a hold of you' -- before i could even finish, he says, well just have my secretary page me. and i'm thinking -- 'why haven't i been paging you these past 3 weeks?' but of course i didn't say that. i was working hard to be polite, mostly so he doesn't blacklist me and never call back! soo, all in all the conversation went well. it also went EXACTLY like i thought it would, so it's frustrating to have to wait three weeks to hear it before i can change the dosage. but i guess i don't have a medical degree. heck, i don't have any degree!

ah well. so that is the situation. we shall see how it goes!!

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