Saturday, December 10, 2005
the weekend!

well it's saturday! i'm busy making gingerbread people for our christmas party tonight. and, due to the record LOW # of responses i got about white elephant gifts, i'm going to go with our life game; it looks like it's from about 1960, and it has no instructions. that qualifies, right? welllll hopefully. i'm happy to go to the party tonight, we'll get to meet lots of new ppl., but unfortunately we have to leave early to make it to our sat. evening session of stake conference. i'm actually looking forward to that, too. we haven't had a stake conf. in this stake before, so it should be great!

my sister got stuck outside last night when her car ran out of gas. scary you say? oh yes. b/c it was FREEZING! you can read about it here. so the scariest part is actually that i found out about it this morning WHILE READING HER BLOG! eek.

speaking of blogs, i've been postponing a rather funny anctedote; mostly b/c we had to apologize for being idiots first to the people we shafted. here's the deal; thursday night my husband and i went out with my older sister and her husband to the motab christmas concert. while we were at dinner, spencer's brother called to make sure we were still on for friday night to go to the same concert. yikes. clearly at that moment we knew we were idiots and had double booked ourselves. the WORST part is, neither of us remember. we're really that dense. i shouldn't say we, because it was almost definitely me. so we had them over to dinner last night, and were really glad to get to spend some time w/them, and apologize for our lameness. :( sorry we are so lame! the worst part is actually that this is the SECOND time in a month i've double-booked myself. at least the first time i remembered. it's scary when you simply have no recollection!

that is all.

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