Sunday, December 11, 2005

well, after a satisfying nap, i am ready to face the world. or at least make dinner. life is good. i have recently made an interesting discovery. you know when you move, and you fill out the forwarding address form for the post office? well, i was under the mistaken impression that it lasted 6 months -- in fact i'm almost positive that it says it lasts six months. so here i sit, in a deluded state of bliss, thinking all is well. it's not!!!! after 90 days, if you haven't filled out a CHANGE of address form, the forwarding just magically stops! not a good kind of magic, either!

so not only have i been missing a magazine, but also (and this is the really bad part) credit card statements. eep. the crazy thing is, i would not have figured this out on my own. the gap card representative had to tell me. i would have just continued in confusion as to where my mail was, and why people stopped taking my credit cards! ok, it only happened twice; but isn't twice enough when you pay your bills? i just didn't GET my bills. yikes. so what a mess. when did life become so confusing?

and why do i still have so much Christmas shopping left to do?

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